4 Tips to Moving On After a Break Up

When you are in a relationship and your relationship comes to an end, there are four keys to making sure that you are on the right path to moving on after the break up. Before you move forward, it is important that you understand that your relationship is over. If your left questioning, you mentally have not moved forward. So, below are some tips to help you move on after your break up.

1. Clarify. It is extremely important that both parties in the relationship know that the relationship is over. How do you know if both parties know? There are a few ways to find out, but the most straight forward way is to call. One person may have moved forward, whereas the other person may have still had hopes or may not have accepted the break up. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand where you stand. You can do this by grabbing the courage to call your partner when you are ready and simply ask.

2. Accepting. Another aspect to moving on, is accepting that the time has come to move forward. Your partner may need some time, but in order to move on, you need to accept that the time has come. Part of accepting a break up is realizing that it is over, and clarifying if you must so that you it’s time to move forward.

3. Be cordial. There’s nothing wrong with being nice. Your partner is someone you spent lots of time with, and should respect. Do not put your partner down when you reach out, or try and bring up the past. Minds are made up, and remember you are simply calling and reaching out to gain clarity and self reassurance. So, remember the call is meant to put both minds at ease.

4. Space. It’s OK to take your time to reach out to your partner; it’s really never too late for closure. Closure is extremely important because it allows both parties to move forward together and in a peaceful way. So allow yourself some time to heal, and become strong independently, then reach out when you’re ready, and  have had your own time and space.

Ending a relationship is never easy, but with every ending there’s always a new beginning. If you can, try to salvage whatever relationship you can with your partner. If it ended peacefully, there’s no harm in continuing a relationship that is strictly platonic. Know your boundaries, and know that your partner cares, and respects you, and only wants the best for you and your future. Try to focus on the positive of the relationship, and see what you can do to better your next relationship.