4 Reasons Why Older People Stay in a Bad Relationship

Dating during midlife can be tough, because it may seem like all the quality people have been taken already, or you may have had relationship troubles of your own in the past which have lead to horrible breakups or divorce. When you finally meet someone like, you want to hold on to them as long as you can, even if you stay in a bad relationship.

Initially, the relationship between you and a new partner may seem great as you’re both physically attracted to each other and enjoy each others company. However, as the relationship progresses and initial sparks fade, you begin to really learn more about who you are going out with. Couples may end up arguing all the time in public, or one person in the relationship may become abusive, but many couples will continue to stay together even if both people know it won’t work out.

Why do people opt to staying in a bad relationship when they are dating later in life? Here are the top 4 reasons why:

1. You’ve gotten comfortable

Staying in a bad relationship because you’ve gotten comfortable is very common. You get used to seeing your partners face everyday, you know their routine, their touch, and you can’t picture life without them even if staying is damaging to your emotional well being. Stepping outside your comfort zone and knowing you can live without a bad relationship will do well for your mental health. You’ve already lived a great portion of your life without this person, why should you stay in a bad relationship just because it’s convenient?

2. Afraid to be alone

Fear of being alone strikes the hearts of many when you are older, but just because you are without someone doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Freeing yourself from a bad relationship allows you to do what you want, on your own time. You no longer have to worry about if it’s okay with your partner if you want to see a movie, or go out with friends. At first, leaving the relationship may be difficult, but soon you’ll find that going solo isn’t bad at all. You’ll be able to clear your mind, and give yourself the time to figure out what you truly want in a partner.

3. Too late in life to find someone else

No matter the age, there is always someone out there for you. Thinking that it is too late in life to find someone else will hold you back, and allow the unhealthy relationship you are in to suck your current life away. There are plenty of events for mature singles, online dating sites for men and women over 40, and even someone your friend or family may know. If you stay in a bad relationship just because you’re afraid you are too old to find someone else is an irrational fear. There are plenty of people who are single, divorced, or widowed finding love again, so why not you?

4. You or your partner can change

You may be thinking that if you stay in an unhealthy relationship long enough, it’ll become a healthy relationship. Although people can change and relationships can be worked on, these changes won’t just suddenly happen one day. You and your partner have lived your whole lives with a certain mentality, and as you get older that mentality is pretty much set. Hoping your partner will change, and become more attentive or caring, may be too much of a long shot because both parties have already formulated how they see the relationship panning out. Instead of focusing your energy trying to improve a bad relationship, use it to meet new people for a great relationship.

Don’t let fear or your age stop you from living your life. There are so many ways to meet new people these days and there is no reason to stay in a bad relationship. In the end, only you can know when it is time open a new chapter in your life, and find someone who can truly make you happy. Perhaps it’s even time to open an online dating profile. Check out our tips to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd.