4 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is only a day away, and if you are waiting to find love and not sure how, there is no better time than tomorrow to start. Whether you’re a man or a woman the best time to meet someone who shares your interests, particularly football, is tomorrow! There will be plenty of Super Bowl parties thrown by your friends or around town, so take advantage of Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday when the New England Patriots take on Seattle Seahawks in Glendale, Arizona.

Even if you are not into football why should you go to a Super Bowl party? The answer is, YES!

Here are some great reasons to go to a Super Bowl party:

1. You may meet someone.

The Super Bowl isn’t meant to be watched alone. So if you’re a single man or woman over 40, find yourself a party to go to, and you really never know who you’ll meet at this party. There will be plenty of other single middle aged individuals there just to watch the game and socialize. Plus you’ll know every one there is there for one good purpose: American football; therefore you’ll have a great conversation starter.

2. You are sure to stand out.

If you are a woman at the party there’s no doubt you’ll stand out among a swarm of men. Don’t just hang around with the group of women, but get yourself in the mix and start conversations about the game!

3. Food

A great reason to crash any Super Bowl party is for the food. There will be plenty of chips, dip, wings, pizza, and beer to go around. Any Super Bowl party without great finger food is sure to be a disappointment!

4. Commercials

The only other reason to watch the Super Bowl aside from the game is the commercials. You may not find yourself interested in football at all but the new commercials that are being aired are sure to be entertaining. It’s just another reason to watch if the game turns out to be a bust!

With everyone gathered at a Super Bowl party, the chances of you meeting someone new is high, and you’ll know you’ll share something in common. As long as you keep conversations to be about the game, you won’t interrupt anyone’s experience, and you can talk after the game if you like the person you met. No matter what, even if you are foreign to the game, you will learn something new. Don’t be a downer, enjoy the party! Have fun!

Let’s Go!