4 Things Women Should Not Do on Super Bowl Sunday

There are a few things every woman over 40 should know not to do on Super Bowl Sunday. Some woman love football and some woman hate it, but for those of us who don’t know anything about it, we’ve compiled a list of 4 of the most important things women should NOT do on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you do happen to make the mistake of doing one of the below, you’ll soon realize it’s best to just let the football fans be. Let them watch the game. You see, the Super Bowl to men, could be the equivalent to the finale of The Bachelor to woman. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep these top 4 DO NOT’s in your head during Super Bowl:

1. Do not block the T.V in search of some sort of attention during the game. If you want a man’s attention wait at least until commercial break; at least. Even then, it’s still risky because the commercials are another reason people are watching the game.

2. Do not get in the way with too many questions. Questions? Who’s that? What’s going on? Who’s winning? Listen woman, if you want attention trust me, you’re not going to get it that way either, at least not from an American man during the Super Bowl. Try during halftime.

3. Don’t take their seat on the couch. A man gets up to go to the bathroom, he expects to come back and sit next to his “bro”, “pal”, and or his friend, not next to some random woman he just met. Keep the talking to the minimum and realize men take this game very seriously so you need to respect that.

4. Keep your talking to a minimum. Men don’t care what you think of the advertisements. They are there to just enjoy. So, remember it isn’t a political debate. It’s a game. It’s meant to have fun, relax, chill, drink, and just enjoy! Sit back and enjoy yourself as well.

Believe it or not, Super Bowl is like a holiday. If you’re single, and you’re trying to catch a man during a party then you must respect the party, the game, and the men. They wait all year just for this one game. They want to sit back, sit along with their friends and enjoy the game. Allow them to do that, and you’ll see how far that will go. Trust me you’ll get noticed and all the fun will be taken somewhere else 😉

Things women should not do on Super Bowl Sunday are numerous but keep these four in mind. Try not to talk so much, avoid getting attention the wrong way, keep away from the men, and best time to approach is probably during halftime, commercial, or after the game. But In between be careful- I’m telling you- you can’t say you weren’t warned!

Enjoy Super Bowl!