*5 Mistakes Women Over 50 Make When They Go On a First Date

Women over fifty can make mistakes when they start dating again.

However, it’s time to fix these mistakes, because they are easy to fix, and can assist the woman over fifty who just started dating again.

Below are the Top 5 Mistakes women make when they go on their first dates and they are over 50:

1. Bringing up the past. What happened in the past stays in the past. Do not bring up past romances, and begin discussing past romances. That is NOT a good idea. Stay in the moment, and discuss who you are NOW.

2. Showing too much. Women over fifty and dating need to realize that showing too much skin is not the best idea on the first date. You still want to leave a little mystery, so try to cover up a little more.

3. Lying about your age. No need to lie about your age. Whether you are 55, or 58; age does not make a difference. There is no need to lie about how old you are.

4. Serious topics. Stay away from serious topics that may lead to a debate. You do not want to start being too critical on your first date. Keep the subjects neutral, and let him think of the positive in you. Being TOO open-minded and talking too much can turn a man off. It’s good to have an opinion, but don’t too much. Let him talk, and give an opinion as well.

5. Compliments. This is the most important, women over fifty need to start complimenting the men a little. Do not get angry if he does not compliment you. You should compliment him. If he has a nice outfit, let him know. Always compliment your date. He will appreciate it, and look at you with favor.

In sum, ladies over 50, who are dating, and single- keep these tips in mind. No need to lie about your age, and there’s nothing wrong with complimenting a man. Always try to keep your body a bit of a mystery, and enable your date to talk as well. Trust me, follow one of these steps, and I am sure your next date turn out better than expected.


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