7 Things Men Don’t Want To Hear?

You should always watch what you say, especially when you are in the early stages of dating. What you say to your partner in the beginning stages of your dating experience will be implanted in your man’s mind and free to be interpreted in any way. Some phrases trigger positive responses, which can lead you to another date, whilst others trigger negative responses and can turn men away from you. When you’re a single woman over 50, you want a good date to lead to a second date, and you don’t want to turn your man away.  Therefore it’s important to understand what men don’t want to hear when they begin dating. Start your relationship off right, and know the phrases that can make a man feel uneasy and turn away from you. Below is a compilation of 6 things men don’t want to hear from a new partner:

1.” My Ex Used to ____” this is obvious, don’t compare the man you are currently dating with a man you dated. Not only does this make the man your dating feel inferior, it shows you are still thinking about someone else.

2.” I don’t want to try ___” Negativity is something men can’t stand, but more than that, is the unwillingness to try something new. If you don’t want to try something new, you lack adventure and excitement. This can be applied to something as simple as ordering food. Try new things,
And when you say you don’t want to try, you give off a negative, boring tone.

3. “Let me ask my mom or friend.” When you’re over 50 you should be able to make your own decisions.
Unless you’re going to your parents home, having to ask a parent or friend for approval on a simple task, shows lack of confidence and yes inability to make your own decision. Men want a woman that can make her own decisions.

4. “Can my friend come?” So, you get invited out and you ask if your friend can come? That’s just rude, and shows you are not comfortable hanging around just him. When women say this, men should know she’s not comfortable around you.

5. “Why didn’t you ____?” Nagging. When you ask why he did not—–, you are focusing on the negative. You focus on what he didn’t do,
Instead of what he is doing. This signals pessimism. Men don’t want to be interrogated. Avoid interrogation and focus on the here and now and what he did do. Keep it positive and avoid using the word “not”.

6.  “Are you only seeing me?”In the early stages of dating, try to avoid focussing on what the both of you are.What this signals is your focus on being exclusive as soon as possible. When a man is ready he will tell you, and it will come naturally. But in the early stages of dating don’t ask about your status. Let the relationship flourish first, then after a few dates the both of you will determine where you stand.

7. “How much do you get paid?” The reason this is such a gross comment, is because it men will think you only care about their financial success. Don’t ask this question, and if you do, know that you probably won’t get another date. It’s rude.

If you are a woman that uses these phrases, know how it can be interpreted by single men over 50, or single men of any age. It’s important to stay on guard with what you say, because anything  you say could be interpreted differently. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it. So, ultimately, try to stay positive, and mind your manners when it comes to what you say.