How to ask a woman on a date after the age of 50?

With age comes wisdom. However, with age comes alot of other things! For instance, health issues, children, and loneliness.

After fifty, it is hard to find someone you find a mutual respect for. However, just because we have been out of the game for a while, or because we have decided to be on our own- does not necearstily mean we should shy away from asking a woman on a date.

Below are some tips to help you, as you make your way back into the dating game, and grab the courage to ask that someone special out:

1.  Always ask the person you are interested in out- in person. Asking someone out via text message, or online- is really not the same. The old fashion way really does work. I recommend picking up the phone, and asking her over the phone, or in person when you see her.

2.  Don’t be afraid. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is nothing to be worried about. Do not be afraid to approach her, or talk to her. No need to worry. After fifty, things are more relaxed, and people tend to relax, and enjoy each others company. So- do not be afraid.

3. Prepare yourself. Be ready. Know where you are going to go, what you plan to do, and when you want to go out. The most impressive thing to any woman is really a man with a plan ( even if it is just for date). Plan away. The more planning the better. A woman see’s that you took effort into planning something- you are already %50 guaranteed to will get a yes.

4. Slow and steady. Keep it slow, because this women may not feel the same. Hence- it is very important to ease into the conversation. Do not disclose all the information in one big batch. Start a conversation, talk a little, and then slowly say- “I have tickets to go to the opera, I remember you told me you love opera.” This will enhance the conversation, and secure a positive response from the lady.

5.  Have fun. Enjoy yourself. Once the answer is given, whether it is yes or no- always have fun. Smile, and enjoy each others company. If not yes this time, do not give up. Trust me, with a little added effort, that “no” may turn into a yes very very soon. So no need to get mad, just enjoy each others company!

Wishing all the best to all of us over fifty!