How to Break it Off When You’re Over 50: 6 Tips to Doing it Right

“It’s not working”, “You’re just not for me”, and “I want to explore my horizons”- are all reasons usually directly associated with the idea of breaking it off with that special someone.

As the years pass, and we reach the age of 50, do the reasons for breaking up with someone change? Should there be a more delicate way of breaking it off with someone? If so, what are they, and how do we break it off the right way?

No matter what age you are, if you’ve been dating someone for more than even 2 weeks, and seeing each other on a daily basis, breaking it off can be and is a difficult thing to do.

Men are afraid of hurting a women’s feelings. Women are afraid of hurting a man’s feelings. However, with the tips below you should be able to break-it off smoothly, and avoid a terrible break up aftermath:

1. If you do not like the man/woman- end it sooner rather than later. Don’t wait. After age 50, we have little time to play games. Therefore, if you are not happy, speak up fast.

2.Do it in person. The classic way is the right way. If you want to break off the relationship, do it in person. Face to face so that the other partner can see you, and understand where you are coming from.

3. Location. Find the right place to tell the person. Go to the park, or for a walk, but  be sure it is a quite place.

4.Don’t joke. This is a serious action, and breaking it off can come off as a complete surprise.Therefore, take it seriously, and try to be supportive and caring.

5.Don’t put the person down.The last thing you want to do is say something you will regret. Words are hard to forget. Therefore, be sure to be cordial, and respectful.

6. Give a reason. If you have thought it out, and know why you will be breaking it off, a simple explanation can suffice. Although, try to avoid details, but do not be afraid to approach the topic confidently and give a reason why.

Whether it’s because you are bored, or because you want to explore new horizons- the bottom line is you want to leave on a good note. You want to leave him or her on a good note. Have them thinking, “Wow, I commend him for telling me the truth, and he was a nice person.” It really never is easy to break up with someone you’ve been dating; but keep in mind that your impression will still linger after you are gone. Don’t ruin it by saying something hurtful, or joking around about the subject. Be honest, say it in person, and most importantly to avoid a horrible break-up aftermath say it sooner rather than later.


Until next time . . . Where Relationships Over 50 Begin Anew.