How to buy a gift for someone who seems to have it ALL?

I guess this blog goes out to the gifter out there- who want to buy gifts for their parents, husbands, wives, grandparents or just friend that seem to have it all, which makes it tricky to find a gift?

I had a friend of mine say that she has trouble deciding, or even knowing what to get her husband- simply because he has it all. I had this issue to- at point when it came to my father. However, the truth is NO ONE HAS IT ALL. You can always find SOMETHING for that SOMEONE that will make them feel great! The most important thing to remember- is not to go empty handed.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, when your having trouble deciding what to get that person that SEEMS to have it ALL:

1. Don’t assume they have it ALL. NEVER assumre they have it all.

2. Always get a card. Never  give the gift without a card.

3. Get something YOU know they will use.  For instance, if this person goes to the gym, no harm in getting a work-out outfit. If this person has grandkids, no harm in gettnig a camera. If this person loves sports- NOW THIS will for sure work-GET a sports sweater, or blanket with there sport team.

4. Don’t ever give money. Very distasteful. I actually had someone give me money once, and say did not know what to get you- so I gave you money, and maybe you can figure it out yourself.

5.Cololgne- or perfume are always great! No matter what. No one likes smelling bad.

6.Be sure to wrap it! This can be a hastle sometime, but it is well worth the wait!

7.If this person is busy busy- writing, or working- a nice pen- is always appreciated. Men love their pens- and as a woman- I would love a nice pen.

Overall- the gift list can go on and on- but if you are having trouble getting a gift for someone you think HAS IT ALL- REMEMBER- THERE’S ALWAYS something you can get- think about what they do, and how they can use it and your GOLDEN!

Until Next Time…

Over fifty and Loving it…