Crazy Things Men Do To Keep A Woman

Crazy things men do to keep a woman? Let’s find out.

Are women worth the chase? Well, sometimes you must be on the chase to realize how worthwhile the chase is to you. Men will attest that when you are in love with a woman, nothing will stop a man from doing something crazy.

For a man over 40, finding a quality woman doesn’t happen as often, that is why, when you finally do lose her, or realize you may lose her, you will realize the crazy things men do to keep  a woman.

Below are some of the crazy things men do to keep a woman:

1. Stalking.

A man in love is a man willing to stalk her down. It’s not coincidence if your ex just happens to bump into you while you are walking out of your office. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing this, one or two times, but after the 3rd attempt, stop. If you are just glaring from a distance, and not acting you are wasting your time. If you are going to “stalk” her down, you may as well bump into her “casually”, and see how she is. However, don’t make it a habit. You will know whether she truly feels the same way if she responds with happiness, and excitement, as opposed to fear and anger. This is one of the crazy things men do to keep a woman.

2. Showing up unannounced

There is a difference between stalking, and showing up unannounced. Showing up physically to a party, or your apartment, unannounced is scary, and sometimes embarrassing for both parties. Men must understand that after some time of not speaking, a woman will have to start moving forward, and you will end up doing more harm than good. It is hard to heal from a relationship, and showing up at all the places she is bound to be, to try to relinquish feelings she had for you, may work, but it may also not work. Therefore, safest thing to do is call.

3. Over-calling

Too much calling, with no response is a sign that she is taking her time to heal. Some women need time to just think, and be on their own. How can you expect her to miss you, if you constantly call her? Let her miss you a little, and who knows, you may get her back.

4. Over-texting

The same idea applies, men that over-text to just eventually get the text they have been wanted to get may never get it because you must let time pass. Take the tip of avoiding a too many texts, and giving women time.

5. Doing the over-romantic gestures

Getting on a plane, flying over, and just surprising her at 12 am on her birthday. It may sound romantic, but again, it’s crazy. Then again, love makes you do crazy things.

6. Procrastinating

Some men never want to accept that it’s over. So they will refuse to sign divorce papers, and refuse accepting legal separation in the hopes of a change of heart. It’s when the papers come, that men must realize that it is happening and the crazy things you are doing, are leading to more harm than good. Don’t procrastinate, and if it was meant to be, it was meant to be.

7. Tattoo her name

To show your love you go ahead and tattoo her name on your body to show your devotion, to only realize that she does not love you as much as you love her. Avoid any tattoo at all costs.

The bottom line here is, there is no bottom line. Love is crazy. Men and women do crazy things to keep the woman or the man they love. Whether its stalking, or showing up unannounced its sheer love, and devotion that keep your heart beating toward that one woman. Is it a waste of time? I must say no. The more you try, the more you may see that her love for you may grow. However, keep in mind that timing is everything, and the use of the word may. Let her miss you, let some time pass, then go above and beyond if and only IF you still feel a strong emotion towards her. Oh, the crazy things men do to keep a woman, but does crazy  mean stupid?  Or are the crazy things men do, simply a testament to how crazy in love they really are with you?