Crazy Things Women Do To Keep A Man

There are so many crazy things women do to keep a man. Especially when a woman over 40 finally meets someone they love yet her partner sends her hints that the relationship is on the rocks. The woman has already become emotionally attached, and feels she cannot live without her man. In this situation, women will go to no limits in trying to preserve her relationship.

Women who want to stay with their spouses, or boyfriends, and don’t realize that the men don’t really want to be with them will do some crazy things to keep their partner. Whether you are dating, or in a marriage, sometimes there just comes a point where you need to throw in the towels and let it go. Just because you are doing things that are crazy to keep your man, does not mean you’re crazy, but it does seem like you are desperate.

Be wise, and recognize that sometimes, you need to let go. Don’t try so hard to get him back, especially when he is not reciprocating the love. Take a piece of advice from us at SitAlong, and just let it go. Why? Because life is better when you are not begging a man to want you.

So what are the crazy things women do to keep a man? Read below, and be sure NOT to act the same way. Stay sane, and avoid doing crazy things to keep your man.

1. Faking pregnancies

Out of all the crazy things women do to keep a man, this is the worst excuse. If you are not pregnant do not pretend that you are in hopes that that you trap the man into staying in a relationship with you. A few months down the line, when you can no longer keep up your lie, it will only make matters worse. So, don’t play with a man’s emotions and say crazy things like this.

2. Stalking him

It’s fairly common to wonder what your partner is doing when they are not with you. However, it is completely out of the ordinary to stalk down your boyfriend or husband wherever he may go. If you want a solid relationship with your man, you must be able to trust him enough to know he isn’t doing anything behind your back, instead of making yourself seem unstable.

3. Lie about a tragedy

Lying is never good. Don’t lie to keep him around while you mourn the loss of something. Creating an imaginary story may keep your partner around for a short while out of pity or remorse, but if that is the only thing holding the relationship together, it wasn’t meant to last anyway.

4. Surprisingly interrupt his day

Showing up unannounced at his workplace, or when he is out with friends, is just more reason for him to get rid of you. You are putting him in an awkward situation and making him wonder what in the world you are doing there. If your partner is asking for space, give it to him so he can think things through.

The key thing women must remember is that if a man is on the rocks, or he is thinking of getting rid of you, he needs time away from you. Your constant attempts of showing up at his place, or stalking or calling won’t help the situation at all. If you really want this man NOT to leave, give him the space he needs to clear his mind. Meanwhile, find something else to keep yourself preoccupied. Hang out with new people, meet others, and if he really loves you, he will come back to you. Know your boundaries, and give him that space. Remember, women can do crazy things to keep their man, but is it worth it?