How to dress once your over the age of fifty? KEY TIPS TO DRESS CODE OVER FIFTY !

As a woman, sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear- and how to dress when your over fifty, and alone. The same idea is applied to men; finding what to wear, or choosing what matches and what doesn’t can be hard.

However, just because it’s hard. does NOT mean we need to slack on what we wear, because what we wear ultimately really define a lot about our personality- and if we are aiming to meet a new friend, or partner, what we wear DOES STILL MATTER.

So here are some tips on what to wear when your over fifty, ( the key tips to dress code):
1. Just because we are old, does NOT mean we need to wear clothes that are old. If you have not shopped in a while, or you are still wearing the same clothes you wore 5 years ago- it is time, to switch up the wardrobe just a bit.

2. Always make sure what you wear, is CLEAN. No one likes a man that has dirty clothes. Even men don’t like other men with dirty clothes. Women, the same idea applies to you. Keep your clothes clean, fresh, and smelling great. I know my sense of smell- and nothing is more refreshing than a nice clean smelling shirt. So, be sure to have those clothes from the cleaners before you go out.

3.SHOES. Some of us wear orthopedic shoes, because we don’t have the luxury of wearing heels- but either way- our socks,or stockings should all be clean, and not torn. Stockings can be ripped easily, and fall down easily. If we are wearing knee highs- be sure to keep them in place, and up. Men, socks should also be new- and no holes in socks.
My mother always said you can tell a lot by a man by his shoes, and believe it or not- I still can. And although we are older, and shoes over fifty can be worn for safety and comfort- I am always looking at the socks. So- I recommend that you keep the holy socks at home. Socks matching with your shoes, or just clean, fresh socks.And you may question, how do you even see my socks? Simple, when a man sits, he crosses his legs- and if he is wearing pants- we see the shoe- and the sock.
4. Lastly, and most importantly, DRESS YOUR AGE. When I say that I mean, DO NOT dress like your in your twenties. Our bodies are different, and dressing with shorter skirts, and tighter clothes- to grab the attention of younger men- is absurd. Use color to vamp up our wardrobe. Color, color and more color. Do not be afraid of adding color to the wardrobe. Both men and women- do no be afraid to use color.

I honestly think that these are the core things we as community over the age of fifty need to keep in mind when we dress. Cleanliness, a new spark to the clothes, and ensure there’s no holes in our clothing or socks, and color, color, color.

So remember- just keep your clothes clean, with some color, and honestly your golden.

Until next time!

-Over fifty and loving it