Over fifty and making a New Years resolution?

Is it odd to make New Years resolutions when your over fifty?

No! No and NO!

The important thing to always remember is to keep your New Years Resolution realistic. Something that you know you can, and could accomplish.

Having said that, the key to making a great one, is to think about what you personally really want to accomplish this year.

Whether it is something at work, or even the classic loose weight- whatever it is- be sure it is something you CAN personally STICK WITH.

Here are a few tips:
1. Keep them small. Make it something that seems small, but is in fact big.  For instance, I want to write 3 more articles for the paper, or I want to loose about 5 pounds, or  I want to make it a habit to walk 2 blocks everyday.
Keeping the resolution small, makes it seem soo much easier, and in turn- possible.
2. Write down what you plan to do, and be sure to place them or it in a place you can see.

3. Never share your resolutions. Keep them to yourself, because in the end it is all up to you to make it happen.

4. Make it something you have not used in the past.  There is a reason it’s in the past. USE A NEW ONE. Make it new.

Good luck!