Great Over 50’s communication ONLINE

I was a bit apprehensive to try anything new, but over the holiday weekend, I decided to take a stab a site, and was pleasantly surprised.
Although I was new, and did not have many friends, I found it to be welcoming, and entertaining- but in a positive way. The communication between the users was clean, and welcoming. That was key for me. No vulgarity, no annoyances, and pure conversation. The moderator, who I met while chatting online was kind, and understanding. I appreciated the non-vulgarity and ability to be able to chat among others my age. I gave it two thumbs up! They were or are still testing, but I have to hand it to them for really keeping it clean! That is something I appreciated! I would recommend chatting, with others over 50. It was a great experience! Buzz it around:)