What Happened to the Younger Generation of Women in New York?

The younger generation in New York needs to get a wake-up call.

Back in the day, women in their 20’s or 30’s never left the house looking like they were going to sleep. These days, I go to the nail salon, and it’s hard not to notice the sloppy way women dress, and put themselves together. Here is a piece of advice for women who are single, living in the greatest city in the world- get dressed! The way you dress, is really the way people treat you, and believe it or not, those fitted black gym pants, and big sweatshirts are not attracting any man any time soon. It looks sloppy, and messy. When you can’t tell if you work there or are a client there- we have a problem.

It’s time to go from those rags, to plain class. Dress to impress. Change out of those gym clothes, and if you don’t change, at least fix your hair, and stop talking about why you’re still single.

The nail salon is a perfect place for women over 50, to get the dish on what women in their 30’s and 20’s are doing; not to mention possibly find a potential partner for our children 😉

As I sat there this past week, I realized a few things:

  1. Women are too attached to their friends. Let it go. You are not going to meet a man, if you are attached by the hip to another woman.
  2. Realize, that your friend can make YOU look BAD. My grandmother always said, look at someone’s friends and you will get an idea of what that person is like. If you’re friend is a sloppy, messy dresser- guess what? The men will think the same about you.
  3. Stop talking about your personal life. What goes on between you and your significant other should stay between you and him. Stop sharing so much information with random strangers.
  4. You can meet a man anywhere; even the nail salon.


In sum, as a woman in her fifties, to the young beautiful ladies of NYC, start getting dressed up-even at the nail salon. Men are everywhere and it’s when you’re in your twenties that men stop and look -not your fifties. Enjoy the greatest city in the world, by dressing, looking and feeling the part!

Until next time…


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