How to Act After a Breakup or Divorce?

How do you act after a breakup or a divorce?

The most important thing to do when you are a person being let go, is to act civilly and with decorum after the breakup. It is not easy to be broken up with, but can you maintain your internal feelings? Can you handle being let go? How do you act after a breakup or a divorce in midlife?

If you see yourself as the type of person to react frantically, take in some of the tips below, because the most important thing to remember when you are being let go is that you want to leave a positive impression, on the man or woman you’ve dated as opposed to a negative one.

Below are 6 tips on how to act after a breakup:

1. Don’t yell

You don’t want to make your man or woman feel that he’s doing the right thing. If the person who broke up with you had any doubt in their decision, yelling and arguing will only confirm their choice, and make you seem crazy.

2. Don’t put the person down

Whatever you do you don’t want to put the person down by calling them names, or making them feel guilty or worse for doing it. You may feel as if they deserve the names you are calling them, but it isn’t worth it as it’ll hurt their feelings, as well as yours in the end.

3. Don’t just walk away

If you’re not sure how to act after a breakup or divorce, don’t just walk away from who you were with. Make sure everything is out in the open as to why the breakup occurred instead of turning your back and leaving. Make an impression that lasts by speaking calmly and not acting childish.

4. Always make eye contact

Be sure to look at the person in the eye when they speak to you, because you don’t want to leave the relationship feeling weak. Looking them in the eye will let the other party know that you heard them loud and clear, and they cannot take back what they have said, nor the breakup.

5. Don’t laugh and brush it aside

He or she said it, therefore it’s not a joke. There’s truth behind every joke. If your partner brought up something as serious as breaking up or divorce, you had better take it seriously.

6. Repeat what was said

It’s always smart to repeat what it was your ex-partner said to make sure you heard correctly. “Did you say you want to break-up, and it’s over?” Let them respond. That way you know 100% it’s done.

So, keep the above in mind when you initially break up with someone, or someone breaks up with you. It’s not easy to take in, but stay classy, and remember it’s important to maintain your decorum, and your class. Don’t overreact,  and most importantly don’t yell. It’s fine to ask questions, but the thing you want to keep in mind the most, is that you leave a positive impressiom of yourself in his mind. That is why, the tips above are key factors on how to act after a breakup.