How to Cheer Your Friends Up After a Breakup – 4 Ideas

How do you cheer your friends up after a breakup? When your close friend breaks up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, or spouse, you may be wondering what you should do to console your friend. Breakups are not easy, and the healing process after a breakup is even harder. No matter what type of breakup someone goes through at midlife, it is always important to have a network of friends and family there to support you.

Post-breakup or divorce is a very sensitive time for the parties involved, but as friends, you need to be there to get their mind off their former relationship and onto something else. The tricky part is being there in the right way. Many of our users asked us how you can show compassion and be a good friend without getting too involved; you don’t want to be the shoulder to cry on day in and day out. Therefore, SitAlong put a list of some great post-divorce or post-breakup ideas you can use to cheer up your friends.

Here are 4 ideas to cheer up your friends after a breakup or a divorce:

1. Talk

After a breakup, your friend will just need to talk and vent their emotions to someone. They may be feeling low after a breakup, so let them know they are worth it, and highlight all the positives in their life. Be there to listen and understand, and they will feel much better having let out all their frustrations and their thoughts validated.

2. Confidentiality

Keep what your friend says between the two of you. Try not to spread the word, be a good friend by listening, not judging. If your friend opens up to you, it’s because they trust you not to tell anyone else.

3. Going out

Asking your friend to hang out is a great way to get their mind off of their break up. Let your friend feel like they can enjoy their life without their partner, because they have great people to keep them company.

4. Offer your help.

Your friend may decline your insistent attempts to get them coffee, or breakfast, but anyone who’s been through a tough time knows, that is really all we want. They want to feel like they matter to someone, and with you offering to help, even if they decline, will lift up their spirits. Do what you can, from offering to babysit, or helping them with groceries. The gesture will really speak volumes to your friend, and make them feel that they have someone they can count on no matter the times.

So there you have it, 4 simple ways to cheer your friend up after a breakup or divorce. The key factor is to just be there for your friend. Some people heal in different ways and may not want to talk to anyone, but when that person is ready, make time to see your friend. Know that your friend needs you, and offering assistance is the next best thing you can do if you can’t physically be there, or if they do not want to see anyone. Just remember, a small gesture, can and does go so far. It will give them power, confidence, and you will feel like a better friend and a better person.