How to Inflate Your Love Life During Super Bowl XLIX?

Feel deflated or depleted going into Super Bowl? You’re not the only one, even some football players feel that way. Women in midlife may not always follow sports as men do, but there is no bigger event in America than the Super Bowl. It’s a great time to turn your boyfriend on, and inflate your love life!

Here are some tips on how you can inflate your love life during Super Bowl XLIX:

1. Food

Men love food, but it’s not just about pizza and chips. Go out of your way, make some finger food such as dip and wings, and have lots of beer ready. It’s your chance to impress your boyfriend and inflate your love life, so take it! Chances are your partner will bring his friends over to all watch the game, and having the right food prepared will show everyone how much you care about your partner being happy.

2. Dress the Part

There’s nothing wrong with dressing like you are watching a sporting event. Are you a Patriots fan or a Seahawks fan? Maybe you are neither and you are just watching the game to spend time with your partner. The point is wear a jersey, or if you don’t have a jersey then something casual. Get into the football spirit and don’t be the only woman wearing a dress at a Super Bowl party! Show your man you can party with the guys for one night.

3. Give him his Space

If you’re really not into football, let him watch the game. Being in a relationship over 40, both you and your partner should understand that you don’t have force yourself to take up your partner’s interests if you’re really not interested. Nothing would annoy your partner more than you complaining about how long the game is, or having him explain what is going on to you the whole night. The Super Bowl only comes around once a year, so just smile and enjoy the experience together.

4. Be Nice to Everyone.

Be prepared for your partner to invite friends, even ones you may not get along with. It’s always important to be nice to everyone, and keep all the drama revolving around the Super Bowl.

5. Post Game Fun

You are never too old to make a sexy wager with your partner. Give your partner the best thing he can look forward to after the game, you. Allow yourself to be the post game finale so that way, he can get his friends out faster.

In sum, you will inflate your love life during the Super Bowl if you have the right attitude. If you are a woman hosting the event, and he’s bring all of his middle aged friends over with him, be nice. Have food and drinks ready for the guys and you’ll be sure to have a Super Bowl XLIX party that doesn’t get deflated!