How to Know if Your Boyfriend’s Friend is Into You?

Unsure about whether your boyfriend’s friend is into you, and beginning to feel a little uncomfortable about his best friend’s presence? Well, we have the answer to help you figure out when your boyfriend’s friend is into you. How do you know if you are over reacting or if maybe his moves are getting a little too close? We have the answers! So, pay close attention to find out how to tell if your boyfriend’s friend is into you, and how to handle the situation best:

1. He gets a little too close without your man there. It’s very important to note whether or not your man is there when this happens. If you are a committed girlfriend, and partner, and your man steps out and his friend steps in, and happens to get a little too close physically with his hands may be sign number one.

2. While your man is out, he starts whispering things to you. Now, although it may be in front of other people, even his own girlfriend, you may begin to feel uneasy because you know if your man was there he would not be getting that close. So, you listen, you smile, you nod, and you just wait for your man.

3. He compliments you excessively, more so than your man. This is where you may start feeling uneasy. Your boyfriend is supposed to give you compliments, but when it comes from his friend when you two are alone, you begin to question their motive. More compliments, are flattering, but without your man present, they are questionable.

So what do you if you feel a little uneasy?

Be honest. Don’t make a big deal about it. Try to keep it low key, but bring it up, and let him know about what happened when he stepped out. He may be flattered, and he may enjoy that you get along with his friends. You may be misinterpreting his friend’s actions, and ultimately it may be nothing. But, if you feel a little uneasy the best thing to do is to approach it in a very nonchalant way, and act like nothing happened. As long as he knows you are honest, and tell him.