How to Know Your Relationship is Getting Serious?

Unsure if your relationship is getting serious? If you are in a relationship with someone, you’re over 50 and single, and you’ve been dating for a while, know the signs that your relationship isn’t just a fling, and know whether it’s getting serious. If you are in relationship you should know if it’s getting serious and prepare yourself for the next step.

Below are 5 signs your relationship is getting serious:

5 Signs your relationship is getting serious

1. He has a photo of you in his room. It may be cliche to have a photo of the both of you as a screensaver, but to have a photo printed out, in his bedroom, shows he takes your relationship seriously.

2. He invites you to his family get togethers. If you were not a serious couple, you would be far from meeting his parents and visiting his family. When you visit his family together, more than once, he is taking the relationship seriously.

3. He checks up on you during the day and at night. Checking up on your mate, shows that he cares about you, loves you, and wants to know where and what you are doing when you’re not together. If he is checking up on you, he is taking the relationship seriously.

4. He visits you, and your family. Your family may not approve, but he still joins you in visiting your family. Happy to be in a relationship with you, he puts your family opinion aside and joins you as you join your family. Putting aside family opinions and being around others who don’t want to be around you, shows that he takes your relationship seriously.

5. You hang out with his friends together. Spending time with his friends, instills that he accepts you as more than a friend, and his friends accept you because they know he loves you. You are someone he is proud to be around, and is happy to have you around his friends. When you hang out with his friends, he is taking the relationship seriously.

Whether it’s a photo, or a visit to a family get together, you’ll know your relationship is getting serious if you notice the signs above. If your relationship is getting serious, know the signs, and prepare yourself to get ready for the next step in your relationship.