How to Tell He Really Likes You? 6 Tell Tale Signs

You are dating someone, and you like him, but you wonder if he really likes you. You made it past a few dates, but you are still unsure what he is feeling. You are hesitant to invest your emotional self, because if he doesn’t feel the same way, you are afraid of getting hurt. So, for those women over 50, questioning how their partner feels about them, we’ve compiled the tell tale signs that your man really likes you. Hopefully, this small list will help you determine if he really likes you.

6 Signs He Really Likes You:

1: The way he looks at you. Does he look at you when he speaks? Do you catch him staring at you? A lot can be determined by the way his eyes meet yours. A new study from the University of Chicago backs the theory that it’s clear someone is hooked on you by the manner in which he or she gazes at the other. Is he looking at you in your face or your body? The study revealed that, a person’s eye activity could reveal whether said individual is in love or lust. If a participant in the study identified a feeling of love, their eyes focused longer on the face in the images given to them.

2: He wants to know how you feel,and how your day was. A man who is genuinely interested in knowing how your day was, is smitten for you, and really likes you. According to an article by, it’s not just the way they eye you, but how they treat you when you’re away from each other, even for short periods of time.

3: He gives you compliments about your personality as opposed to just the way you look. For example, he mentions you have a good heart, and  you are caring. When he compliments your mannerisms, and part of who you are, you know he really likes you.

4: He tells you straight out that he likes you. Some men will just tell you, but if he tells you, make sure it’s not on the first date. You need to at least go on one date before for this to be believable. So, if he tells you after a number of dates, he really likes you. After he mentions he likes you, the next feeling is love.

5: He goes out of his way to please you. He calls you, he visits you, he texts you. He initiates action, to show you he is committed to you. If you notice that he is always taking initiative, he really likes you.

6: He plans ahead. If he is planning for the next time he see’s you when you are still together, he really likes you.

If the man you are dating vocally says he likes you, or he’s showing he really likes you by taking initiative and calling you, texting you, and planning elaborate dates, he is smitten and really likes you. However, don’t spend too much time trying to determine he likes you. You are also dating him, and it’s important to know if you really like him. All the actions he makes, are to impress you, and to show you he really likes you.  Will they be reciprocated? Welcomed?  Or  overshadowed by your uncertainty? Don’t play with a man who really likes you. It sure is nice to receive attention, but ask yourself, do you like him back? If you do like him, and note the 6 signs he really likes you, then he is a keeper and you should not be afraid to invest your emotional self.