I’m Over 50, & Have Friends 30+ Younger Than Me

Sitting through a semester of college at the age of 55 had an interesting start.

Walking into the class started off awkward, however it soon became an exciting delight.

With the enthusiasm, and vigor for life the students embraced, I soon found myself playing the role of teacher and student.

I unknowingly became their advisory on love, life and most importantly the future, and they unknowingly became a boost on my attitude towards life and love.

Going back to school felt like an accomplishment in itself, it felt rewarding to finish a degree, but it feels rewarding to be appreciated instead of embarrassed of my age.

Initially, I thought I would be cast out from making friends because of my age. However, as the days passed I realized that I had a choice: become a social pariah, or socialize with the students in the classroom. So, I chose the latter; I socialized with the students.

Soon, I realized that getting a coffee before class, and making small talk before class with the youngsters, kept me energized. Their youthful vigor was contagious.

I wanted to hear the latest gossip, and I wanted to know what happened between Sarah and her boy crush.

A definite change in speech, dress, and even attitude was noted by my close friends. However, I could not help but pass their youthful energy along. Being exposed to the younger generation for three months gave me a new lens on life. My energy, my perspectives, my attitude, and my life just began to change for the better.

Men were attracted to the vigor I now had for life, and I felt better than ever. Externally, and internally I felt proud to be my age. I had no shame of my age, and the appreciation for my advice on love, life, and relationships boosted my confidence.

So, what did I learn? I learned that young people, can and do make you feel young. I learned more about psychology from the course, and most importantly I learned that age shouldn’t be a barrier to making friends. I received an “A” in the course, and made great friends. I learned to not get offended when someone called me “old” and I learned they did not like to be called “young”. Ultimately, my adventure back into school, had a great benefit to my intellectual self, and my confidence and self-esteem.

In sum, don’t be afraid to bridge that age gap. Friends are hard to find, however age should not be the determining factor. Yes, from afar it may have looked odd, and sometimes, I was mistaken as the professor, or the parent however ultimately, that was better than separating myself entirely from the class. There’s nothing wrong with making friends no matter the age. There was a big age gap, but their youth coupled with my experience made for a very interesting, and fulfilling semester.


Until next time. . .

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