How to Look SEXY Over Sixty?? *7 TIPS TO LOOKING SEXY OVER AGE 50*

Dear Sit Along,

I signed up for the upcoming site! I am very excited, and read your blog post on finding the New You, and it got me thinking of something. I am 62 years old. I am a healthy female. I am single, widowed, but I feel energetic, and …sexy inside. I want to show it- but I also  want to avoid crossing the line by looking trashy. I see some women my age dressing like they are back in their teens, and it’s a bit disturbing. I’m proud to be healthy, and in my sixties, however, I also want to feel sexy when I go out.

Now, that it is 2014 I have made it my mission to really show my inner sexy.  Please tell me what to wear, or how I can go about showing my sexy side when I am over sixty- but without over stepping that boundary?

Thank you again!

Best- Veyda, 62 CA


Well Veyda,

This is a great question that I know many women struggle with. The barrier between wanting to look sexy, but also avoiding that trashy sexy look that is not suited for people in that age gap. The key to  being over sixty, and successfully showing your sexy side relies heavily on attitude, your look, and YOU.


1. Always remember that age is sexy. Your age is what makes you sexy. One must first feel comfortable and come to terms with the real age they are. Own up to your age, because once you do- confidence will begin to exude, and nothing is sexier than confidence. How? I recommend looking in the mirror, and saying it to yourself aloud: “I am 62 years old and I love it.”

2. Once you have come to terms with your age, the next step is walking and feeling sexy. Some women over sixty have trouble walking, or use a cane, or can not walk at all- but that does NOT mean you are exempt from looking sexy. If you can walk, walk with pride, and your head up high. If you can’t, stroll around with pride. But the key is to always feel proud of yourself, look up and look happy. No need to beat yourself up. Smile, and be happy- because it is that smile that will catch someone’s eye. In sum: Look up, keep your head up high, and don’t hide yourself.

3. Dressing sexy. This is possible. Honestly, believe it or not, men over 50-  are more attracted to women who ARE PUT TOGETHER, and accept their age. The key is to have an outfit that is put together. Take the time out to match your sweater, or shirt to the pants, or skirt you plan to wear that day.  Where does the sexy part come in?  Color. Red is a great color. Red is the color of  love, and passion. Try adding the color red to your wardrobe, and you will see a definite response.

4. Accessorize. All that  jewelry you have in your closet, take it OUT. Put it on. Adorn yourself with jewelry if you have it, because it’s a great way to add fashion and color to your outfit (in addition another source of attention).

5. Spanx/girdle. A must have for women over 50.  We may not have the best bodies like Veyda, so if you have some access weight-  try wearing a girdle, or something to keep that access weight in. Girdles do not show, but  they do give your figure more of a shape, and ultimately, allow you to better fit into whatever you decide to wear- which in turn can make you look sexy over sixty.

6.  Make-up. Now that you have fitted yourself into a girdle, and bought some vibrant red colored, never forget the positive effect make-up can have. Lipstick,blush, and your maybe some mascara- and you go from not so sexy- to sexy and sophisticated.

7. Smile. The smile is the one thing a woman over fifty can never forget. SMILE. A smile is the sexiest thing a women over 50 can wear. If your not smiling, you are not sexy. So, smile, and be happy, and let others see you happy as well.

Veyda, and all women over 50, looking sexy is 80% attitude, and 20% materialistic. Maybe even 100% attitude. Your attitude should always be “I am sexy, and I know it”, as opposed to “I am old, and I am sexy I think?” . Being old is sexy. Don’t let age bring you down.

Final note: Keep your head up high, stand confidently, and remember attitude is everything. Red is the color of passion. A girdle can come to good use, and wearing a smile is the sexiest thing of all 🙂

Veyda, I hope you keep in mind what I have said, and in doing so you are sure to LOOK, FEEL, AND BE THE SEXIEST SIXTY year old on the block! As for my readers, those over fifty, I hope you found this helpful!

Thanks Veyda!  Where Relationships Over 50 Begin Anew