How to meet someone on the weekend when your over fifty? THE HOTSPOTS GUARANTEED TO PRESENT SOMEONE OVER THE AGE OF FIFTY ON THE WEEKEND!

It’s hard being over fifty, and single. However, that does not give us an excuse to stay in ALL weekend.

Being over fifty  is just a milestone. We need to empower ourselves, by going out and feeling good about ourselves, and our lives.

Manhattan, is a city FILLED with amazing places to visit- but the hard part is visiting these places ALONE.

So, below are the top two hotspots that as someone over fifty- you are guaranteed to meet someone:

1. Friday night, is a great time to visit your family. If you have any relatives, invite them over for dinner, and catch up with them, otherwise- see if you can be invited for over to someone home for dinner. Sitting around a table, sharing stories with family, and their friends is a great way to keep your mind occupied, and meet new people. Believe it or not- your family, may have another guest coming that day- and even if the guest is half your age, that person may know someone your age. So, never miss the opportunity to meet ANYONE.Because you really never know who that person may know. Be open, and talk to them. Be proud of your age, because if that person see’s something in you- they are bound to be more willing to introduce you to someone they know.

2.Saturday is great day for a nice stroll.A nice walk to the park. Now, if you really want to meet someone- the perfect place  guaranteed to meet someone is at the dog park.  Yes, the dog park. You are always bound to meet someone there, and someone over fifty is always  bound to be there. Now, even if you don’t have a dog, and your over fifty,this is THE place to be. Grab the courage to get yourself to the park this weekend, and find the place reserved for the dogs. While the dogs play inside, all the owners await on the side, as they watch their dogs intently. This is the perfect time for you-to make conversation WITH ANYONE. Take your pick. There are usually both men and women over fifty, or in the same age gap looking at the dogs, and what makes it more convenient is : that there is an instant icebreaker. For instance, a conversation can easily start with you asking: “Which one is your dog?” or “What is the name of your dog?”. Either way, owners love talking about their dogs, and you WILL  SEE that the more interested your are in their dog, the more interested the will be in you, and the more open they will be to talking to you. Slowly, but surely,you will have a date every Saturday at the park.

It may sound a bit sleazy, but the truth is, both these places are guaranteed to get you to places the following time with someone else ( whether as a friend, or a romantic). Be sure to be hospitable to your guests, or hosts, and remember be nice to everyone- because you never know who that person may know. As for the park, be prepared, and dress to impress- because I know many people who always- 100% meet someone when they  go to the dog park ( myself included).

So, this weekend I expect that plans for dinner are a bit late, but that does not push off the park. Put your coat on, grab your walking shoes, and get out there and meet new people, and who knows, you may actually find the perfect lady or sir over fifty just for you.

Keep warm!


Over fifty and Loving it