Meeting Your Children’s Boyfriend or Girlfriend When You’re Over 50: 5 Tips To Doing it Right

Well, with Mother’s Day around the corner what better way to celebrate than to discuss the time when you, as a parent, meet the potential husband or wife to your son or daughter.

There are a few tips parents over fifty must realize when meeting the boyfriend or girlfriend.

Below is a list of tips to keep in mind when you meet your children’s mates:

1. Don’t make it seem like such a big deal. If your daughter comes to you and says I want you meet this guy I’ve been dating ( inside you may be bursting with pleasure) don’t overreact. Stay calm, and be happy.

2. Prepare!although we tell our kids it’s fine, sure, no big deal- we need to do our part as single or married parents and prepare! Prepare for coming of the potential husband or wife. Always prepare! You can never be too prepared. Buy desserts, wine, tea, and be dressed to impress. Get the house ready, and tidy. Prepare for his arrival, so he/she feels special.

3. Set a date, and a time. Stay on top of scheduling. Make sure it’s a good time for you, and remind your daughter or son throughout the week that you’re expecting him to come.

4. Be kind. You may not like him. You may think she’s not for him. You may have your opinion from the second he walks through the door but the important thing to remember is to be kind. Smile, and show acceptance. Ask him questions, start conversation and converse with him or her. But remember, be kind and keep your opinions to yourself.

5. Never share what you think, or what youre thinking to you’re son or daughter. Keep it to yourself. Don’t make opinions, and vocalize. Our kids they want our opinions. Bc it helps form their opinion of the man or woman they date. So, if you see that your daughter is genuinely happy- be happy for her. Say something like he definitely makes you gappy and that makes you happy. If you do adore him, the same applies don’t give your input. Let the children decide.

In sum it’s very important to prepare for the I coming suitors our children want to introduce to us. Be a good mother or father by welcoming them, being kind and most importantly ensuring that if they are happy with the person they’ve chosen to encourage and not degrade the man or woman. Happiness is key, and as long as you see they are happy and your child is happy you should also be happy!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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