Mother’s Day,isn’t JUST About YOUR Mother

Whether you are a parent or not, Mother’s Day is time to reflect on your mother, and those people that raised you. Sure, most of the time we jump to celebrating just our mother’s, but the truth is- it’s not ONLY your mother we should celebrate.

Mother’s Day should also shed light on the women in our life that helped raise us. Whether it is  a nanny, a family friend, or a friend; the point is not to forget that as a child you had many people around. Some may have had babysitters, or nannies, but ultimately, if they were the ones there for you through it all, they deserve recognition as well.

Don’t be shy to tell the woman that raised you that she was like a mother to you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving credit, and respect to a woman who helped raise you.

Some people are lucky to have great caring parents, while others may not have any- therefore it’s important to always reach out to those women or men who took that place in your life, and enabled you to be the woman or man you are today!

Reach out, thank the person that raised you, and remember- Mother’s Day isn’t just about your genetic mother, it’s about the woman who raised you to be who you are today!


A Warm Happy Mother’s Day from us to you!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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