What Mother’s Really Want On Mother’s Day?

After years spending Mother’s Day with my family, and friends I’ve realized that Mother’s Day is a great day. Forget those people who say everyday is Mother’s Day,and as a result neglect to celebrate it.

Truthfully, it’s one of my favorite holidays.It’s a great time to just get together and spend time with your family.

Being over 50, I find that there truly are a few things every mother wants on Mother’s Day.

So, for those of you planning a big shopping spree, or a fancy dinner hold off just a little because below is a wish list of what mother’s REALLY want on Mother’s Day:

1. A phone call. If I haven’t seen my son in a long time, and it’s Mother’s Day, I’ve come to realize that his phone call is the one that brings me the most happiness. A simple phone call on Mother’s Day, goes a LONG way.

2. A card. Believe it or not, even if you see your family all the time, a written card always brings tears of joy. I love receiving a card on Mother’s Day. So, whether it’s on a piece of paper, or a Hallmark, the written words always end up on display, and put a smile on my face.

3. Attention. If you are with your children on Mother’s Day, an added “Good Morning” or gestures such as cooking breakfast, or a helping  hand never go unnoticed.

4.Appreciation. A thank you, for whatever makes the day even more special. As mother’s a simple “Thank you” makes a mother so grateful for having such great children.

5.An apology. Believe it or not, sometimes we get into arguments with our children. These feuds can last days, months or even years; but there comes a time when you need to realize that maybe what you said or what you did was wrong. An open-ended apology, face to face, on Mother’s Day, means more than anything in the world. Put the feud to sleep.

6. An “I love you”. The truth is some children don’t say this very often. The three words that touch the soul. The three words you want them to tell you, but they may not are the three words as mother’s we eagerly wait for. Tell your mother you love her, so that her heart can feel filled with love.

In sum, note that a mother’s wish list on Mother’s Day, has not one materialistic aspect.

The gift of love, appreciation, attention and simple gestures are the gifts that mean the most. I value the “I love you”, and the thought and courage it’s taken some of my children to say “I’m sorry” or “Thank you”, or even “I love you”. The most important thing we, as mothers must also realize is that we need to reciprocate, validate, and continue being the great mothers we always have been to our children!

Wishing all the mothers out there a Happy Warm Loving Mother’s Day!

WithAll Our Love,

The Team at SitAlong.com

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