What to do on New Years Day 2014?? When your over fifty?

Unsure, and tired of doing the same old thing for New Years?

Here are some great ideas to help add some spark to your New Years:

1. Be with someone. Do not be alone. Make it your mission to go out or be with someone this New Years. Who? Well- ask around, and find someone to spend it with.

2. Bring yourself back to youth by acting like you are a youth. Don’t go to times square- because it’s packed- but the tradition of kissing someone right on New Years, and making those resolutions are fun.

3. Look back on the past year, and write down what you have accomplished. This always make you feel better.

4. Now, write what you want to accomplish. What you want to do, where you want to be, who you want to be with, or where you want to go. Just write it all out- Make them  realistic.

5.Try something OUT OF THE ordinary. Something NEW- WHETHER it’s a new food, or a new book- or a new hobby- TRY SOMETHING new!