How and when to start a conversation with someone your interested in?

Well, it is Monday, and believe it or not Monday is the best day to strike a conversation with someone you are smitten with.

Whether you work together, or you see each other everyday- the best time to start a conversation with someone is… on a Monday.

Below are some great tips to starting a conversation with that someone– and reasons why Monday is the best day to do it:

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How to dress once your over the age of fifty? KEY TIPS TO DRESS CODE OVER FIFTY !

As a woman, sometimes it can be hard to know what to wear- and how to dress when your over fifty, and alone. The same idea is applied to men; finding what to wear, or choosing what matches and what doesn’t can be hard.

However, just because it’s hard. does NOT mean we need to slack on what we wear, because what we wear ultimately really define a lot about our personality- and if we are aiming to meet a new friend, or partner, what we wear DOES STILL MATTER.

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How to meet someone on the weekend when your over fifty? THE HOTSPOTS GUARANTEED TO PRESENT SOMEONE OVER THE AGE OF FIFTY ON THE WEEKEND!

It’s hard being over fifty, and single. However, that does not give us an excuse to stay in ALL weekend.

Being over fifty  is just a milestone. We need to empower ourselves, by going out and feeling good about ourselves, and our lives.

Manhattan, is a city FILLED with amazing places to visit- but the hard part is visiting these places ALONE.

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How to ask a woman on a date after the age of 50?

With age comes wisdom. However, with age comes alot of other things! For instance, health issues, children, and loneliness.

After fifty, it is hard to find someone you find a mutual respect for. However, just because we have been out of the game for a while, or because we have decided to be on our own- does not necearstily mean we should shy away from asking a woman on a date.

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Over fifty still loving taking an AMAZING holiday photo.Your holiday photos always come out great, right.. or does it??For those of us who have taken a photo which we look back on and wish we never did take, here are a few tips to ensure your photo will come out looking great!1. DON’T LOOK AT THE CAMERA DIRECTLY. You want the photo to look natural, and easy. If you are looking directly at the camera, well- the photo become just ordinary YOU again. Try something NEW- because when you are not looking directly in the camera you will get a much better angle, AND a more memorable shot.

2. Always have something in your hand. Hold something, whether its a cat, or your dog, or a significant other- your hands should be around something.

3. Color. Never forget to add color to your photo. Whether it your clothes, or lipstick, color ALWAYS makes a great addition to a photo.

4. Make it memorable. Laugh a little, snap the shot.  Look natural, be happy, and capture the essence of the holiday. Take a picture with your baked cookies.  Snap a shot with you looking into the lit fire. Roast marshmallows inside, or a photo of you holding you photo from last year- but ultimately, make it something different, and a picture that is memorable to the people you send it to.

Follow these steps, and you will be assured a great photo, and next year when you open up the box of memories, you will look at it, smile, laugh, and remember how exciting it was to take that photo.

P.S. I always feel that playing music, while you take a photo just adds ten times more fun to the photo!

So, remember, its about taking the ordinary, and making it extraordinary.

Say Cheese!

Happy Holidays