Platonic Relationships Over 50: Do They Exist?

So, do platonic relationships exist between the opposite sex when you’re OVER 50? If so, what should you be on the lookout for?

Well, I will give you a piece of my mother’s advice when I was younger, and not over fifty. She used to say “NO, platonic relationships do not exist between the opposite sex” – but that was then, when I was younger. Fast forward to NOW, over fifty, do they exist?

My answer: YES, platonic relationships over fifty exist. I happen to think that when you are over fifty, a platonic relationship most certainly can exist, and are healthy for you. However, note that the platonic relationship can blossom into a beautiful relationship, which is why I may call it a platonic-romantic relationship.

The truth is when you are over fifty, you seek that companion, and that attention that you desperately want but don’t want to admit it. Having a companion or a platonic friend of the opposite sex fills that void that is empty now. Is it healthy? YES. Having a platonic relationship over age 50 is great! It is one of the best things you can ask for. And although you may not be physically attracted to this other person, you will soon discover that his/her presence is unparalleled to a romantic partner. Why? Simply because you both secretly want and need each other’s company; whether it’s a walk in a park, or a simple game of tennis- the void that platonic person fills brings you excitement, and stimulates you to WANT to go out, and WANT to have fun. That is why, I will have to disagree with my mother here, when you’re over fifty and you have a platonic relationship, it’s more than good, it’s great.

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However, keep in mind that emotions are bound to ignite- NO MATTER WHAT. Physically you may not show it, but emotionally and deep down- the both of you may begin to feel that tingle of love, and affection.

FINAL NOTE: Therefore, be aware that a platonic friend of the opposite sex will lead to the beginning stages to rekindling your emotions toward someone of the opposite sex. Be ready to confront those emotions with yourself- which in my mind is NOT a bad thing. It simply means that you have stimulated your inner emotions, and in addition, you may  begin to foster some feelings for that person, which is great!

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