How to React to An Unexpected “I Love You” When You’re Over 50

The three words we all wait and expect to hear when we date someone for a while, and really do love them back. However, how do you react to an “I love you” -you didn’t expect it at all?

Susan,56 writes, being a widow, over fifty, it had been so long since I’ve heard those words, that I reacted with shock, and a bit of panic. Please tell me how, or what I should have or could do now to resolve this issue?

I love you, are that 143 moment, can come one, two, three if a man really loves you. However,if you were not expecting to  hear those words for a while, or you were just not ready most people would or can react in shock.

Below is a list of tips to handle that unexpected “I love you” moment, and assist you in how to react:

1. Make sure that you heard it correctly. Last thing you want to do is make the mistake in thinking he has said “I love you” when in fact he may have said “I want you”.

2. Take the time to take in what he said. It’s fine to digest the words, and let them simmer internally. He may feel nervous to respond, but there is no harm in taking the time to take in the words.

3.Do  not feel pressure to respond. There is no reason for you to feel the pressure of reciprocating the words with an “I love you” in response.

4.Better to say nothing, than something. Do not say “Thank you”. The last thing he wants to hear is Thank you. Think before you speak. He is waiting for you to respond with the same words, however, if you are in shock you may not be able to. Therefore, wait and think before you speak. Saying, “Thank you” could be much more detrimental than saying nothing.

5.If you do not respond, be aware that he may take a few steps back. If you do not say “I love you” in response, expect that he may shy away for a day or two. This is normal,because he will think about what he said, and wonder why you did not say it in response.

In sum, saying “I love you” when  you’re over fifty can be scary; especially if you have not said it in years. However, keep in mind that it’s OK to take your time to let him know you love him. Do not feel obliged to respond the same way if you don’t feel the same way, and if you do not know what to say, better to stay silent. Love, is a beautiful thing and ultimately finding it again at age 56 is a blessing. Try to enjoy it, and the words “I love you” should come out as naturally as they did when you first said them.

Until next time…. Where Relationships Over 50 Begin Anew.