How and when to start a conversation with someone your interested in?

Well, it is Monday, and believe it or not Monday is the best day to strike a conversation with someone you are smitten with.

Whether you work together, or you see each other everyday- the best time to start a conversation with someone is… on a Monday.

Below are some great tips to starting a conversation with that someone– and reasons why Monday is the best day to do it:

1. If you have been attracted to a man, or a woman- and you have been meaning to approach them for a while, but have not gathered enough confidence to do so- the best time to do this is on a Monday. Monday is a great time to finally start that conversation.Why? Simply, because you will have more to talk about. You have not seen each other in a while- and you have had a solid weekend to talk about. Therefore, the best thing to ask is: How was your weekend? What did you do? How did you enjoy the weather?

2.Don’t ask too many questions. The pro about Monday is that your able to ask about the few days that have gone by- the con, you do not want to ASK too much. The key yo asking, and starting conversation, is really engaging both parties. Both of you should show interest in what you both did. If the response to your question is a one worded answer- do not stop there. Maybe she had a horrible weekend. That is where you come in-this is your opportunity to make up for the horrible weekend, and ask her to dinner. “Bad weekend? Want to talk about it later? Maybe over dinner?”

3. Take opportunity of someone’s bad weekend- by showing them a great night. If the person had a horribly, boring weekend- show them a great time Monday night! Don’t wait just ask then and there- in that same conversation.

4.Always  be sure to ask early morning or at least before noon. That way you have time to plan what you will be doing.

5. Be sure to catch him at a time when he or she is not too busy. If that means getting to work earlier, so be it. If that means- meeting her by the elevator so be it. As long as you can assure yourself time together- with no other interruptions your golden.


So remember-Monday is a great day to start a conversation with THAT someone, don’t ask too many questions, be sure to get them at a time that they are not too busy, and get ready to plan a fun night out- to make up for that boring, or not so great weekend!

Until next time-

Over fifty and loving it…