Divorced Over 40: 4 Steps on How to Move On

Being divorced over 40 can be tough, especially when you are ready to date; some of us have been married for 15  plus years, and recently started getting back into the dating game after a divorce. However, admitting ‘you’re divorced’ can initially be the hardest part. Ultimately, it may not be finding someone that is tough once you’re divorced; rather it could be finding yourself that becomes the challenge.

When you initially start dating after divorce when you’re over 40, it’s the beginning that can be the hurdle. The start to dating begins with an internal push; your internal struggle to admit that you are divorced, you’re over 40 and you’re single. You have to come to terms with this fact. If you don’t, you moving forward can be an upward battle.

So, below are some steps to help you, get that push to admit to yourself that you are divorced over 40 and ready to date:

1. Time: the best time to let someone know is when you first meet them. Before you date someone, be sure you are ready. Then, be sure to tell them once you meet.

2. Don’t be ashamed: you should never be ashamed that you are divorced. Your divorce is done and you’ve decided that now you’re ready. Don’t put yourself down for being divorced; it just makes you a stronger person.

3. Be prepared: Be prepared to tell your partner, and be prepared because your partner may also be divorced. So, don’t hold that against him, and don’t ask too many questions about the divorce. It’s a date, not an interrogation on his/her divorce.

4. Know: You should know if you want to take it slow, or jump into a serious relationship, simply because your partner may want that. So know what type of relationship you’re looking for. Is it a companion? A friend? Or is it a serious relationship that will lead to marriage? Just know what you want out of your relationship.

In sum, when you’re divorced over 40, and single and you start dating it’s really important to keep in mind that you should tell the person you’re  dating that you are divorced. Don’t hide it, just let them know, but more importantly be ready to admit to yourself that you are divorced over 40. If you can’t admit it to yourself, you won’t be able to admit to anyone else. Therefore, if you’re divorced over 40 admit you’re divorced by acknowledging that you yourself are, know it and be confident. Once you come to terms that you are divorced over 40, your dating experience should be a lot easier.