How to stay active in the cold weather when your over fifty?

When it is cold in the out, it can be hard to get out and get some exercise – however below are some tips to staying active, and still staying indoors:

1. Try lifting some light weights while you sit down. If you do not have a weight, simply use something that has weight ( a can of beans,or  a rock)  the point is to get that blood flowing, and your muscles working.

2. Stretching. Stretch your legs every few minutes, and your arms. Although it isn’t the walk- it will keep your legs ready for when it gets warmer out.

3.Walk around the house, or apartment just a little. If you have stairs, maybe try going downstairs once or twice.

4. Grab a group of friends, and bring them over and together try some yoga indoors.

5.Cook a little. Believe it or not cooking does require exercise Cook yourself a nice meal, whether it’s breakfast, or dinner, going from one cabinet to another, peeling, and chopping, mixing, and stirring- can help keep your body moving.

So- when it is cold like this out- try some of these tips to keep yourself active in the cold weather. Cook,stretch, yoga, whatever it may be- but these are great ways to keeping you moving in the cold weather.


Until next time-

Stay warm!