How Testing Your Girlfriend Can Backfire?

Think that you can out smart a woman? Think again. Men and women are different for a reason. We coexist on this planet for ages, for a reason, and the reversal of what works may not work, and may back fire. For instance, men over 40, who have more experience dating find it their duty to put women through a test.A test? Testing your girlfriend by questioning her and expecting a response similar to yours, with the intention of ensuring she fits you 100%, because an answer that is different then yours doesn’t suffice.What a waste. Men need to screw the test, and start living life. Stop focussing on what she will do in certain scenarios and stop focussing on how she will react because women are not stupid they read you from a mile away.

Believe it or not, it amuses women to see how far men go to test you, but unfortunately what men don’t realize is that it’s also a huge turn OFF, and can backfire major time.

How does testing your girlfriend backfire?

Simple: the woman realizes she’s being tested. She may not say or admit it or act like she knows, but she does. Men, unfortunately don’t realize that when you date a smart girl who is able to catch you in your way, is going to drop you.

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