The Bachelor and The Final Rose

After watching this season of The Bachelor, the final two women had two very different views on dating. It came down to, Whitney and Becca on The Bachelor on ABC last night. As watchers, and single men and women watching, we can learn something from each woman. We will unfold the two personas, and then you can decide which personality you fit.

Let’s start off with Becca. Becca is a young, beautiful, smart, intelligent woman who knew what she wanted. She did not say “I love you”, and understood that it takes some personal time and space with a person to actually formulate a relationship. The positive of Becca was that she knew what she wanted. She did not give into Chris, but was willing to work with Chris. Whereas, Whitney, came off a bit more desperate, and kept finding reasons for him to be with her. In essence, she was begging him to be with her. So, did he make the right choice?

Chris made the right choice, for the time. However, long term, he will see that this act of being nice and agreeing with everything won’t last forever. He will then wish that he picked Becca, who had an opinion, and a firm point of view would have made a better choice, because she thought rationally and also thought about her own self. She thought about her future and herself and when you are dating for the future, you must think about the now, and the future.

So, did the bachelor make the right decision? For the now, I think that he made the right decision. Whitney, was the one that made him happy now. However, in the long run, Becca was the woman that would have made him happy in the long term. He loved her, and he settled with Whitney because she was giving him everything he wanted and more. Yet, she neglected to voice what she wanted, or everything she wanted was what he wanted. So, she gave in too much.

In sum, both women were great reflections of two very different women. One, stood up for what she believed in, and stood by her opinion, and was willing to merge Chris’s opinion with her own whilst another woman, was willing to do everything and more for him.