Should you watch the WOLF OF WALL STREET?

The answer on whether to go ahead an watch this film is: Yes, yes and yes! Great film. It got all the emotions out of me. From laughter, to fear, to sadness- it’s a great film for a movie night or date night, PLUS it give you alot to talk about after.  Loved it, take your partner, and enjoy a LOONG night  out. Because did I mention the film is about 3 hours long!!!! THREE LOONG hours, but it was a great film. Do not want to spoil it- but I loved it! Great ending as well. So- buy your tickets, and go. Also I recommend watching it at a showing around 6pm- not 10pm because if you go at 10pm you will not be out until 1am. It’s a LONG film. Anyone else watch it? What did you think?