What Do Men Think of Women Dating Younger Men? 7 Secrets Exposed

What do men think of women dating younger men? When you’re a single man over 50, and you see a woman with another man who is half their age it gets you thinking.

Are you curious to know what men think of women dating younger men? Well, we were. So, we asked 150 men over 50 for their personal opinion on what they thought of women dating younger men, and the results varied widely.

We collected the top 7 initial reactions men have when they see a woman with a younger man, and compiled the list below. The results are somewhat telling, and surprisingly may have women over 40 thinking twice about dating a younger man.

So, how do men react to women dating younger men?

7 Initial Reactions To Women Dating Younger Men

1: It’s funny. 

Jeffrey P. 53,  from Los Angeles California says, “when I saw my ex with a much younger man, my initial reaction was laughter. I thought it was funny. But oddly, I did not feel jealousy. I thought it was humorous.” Women dating younger men, must realize that men don’t get jealous by seeing you with a younger man. That is not their initial reaction. Keep that in mind.

2: Better for Him.

Men found it empowering, and as an achievement for the man, as opposed to the woman. Luke 57, says “All to him, he did it! That’s a big milestone, he has a woman twice his age, and she’s eating it all up.”

3: She’s desperate.

Many men responded that when they see a woman with a younger man, she’s desperate. They see it as a desperate card to play, not necessarily a solid potential mate. It’s her obvious way of making you jealous. It’s noted, and essentially makes her look too desperate.

4: It’s sad.

To be honest, Frank 51, from New York says,” it’s sad. Women sometimes get snubbed by these younger men, but think that getting with a younger man will make them look that much more desirable by men. In reality, we just pity you.”

5: Lucky him.

You can’t look at a younger man with an older woman and not give him credit. Good for him. Lucky him is what I say, says Jack 59. He has what every guy his age wants, a sugar mommy.

6: Good Luck to him.

Men who are younger, may not be prepared to financially keep up with an older woman, so I say good luck, because he may not know what he’s getting himself into. He isn’t half the man I am, he’s just half my age. – James 61, CA.

7: Hit the Gym. 

Barry 63,states, when I see a woman with a younger man, I do get a hint, that I have to up my dating game. Start working out a little more. Hit the gym because he looks good, and I don’t.

In sum, a man’s initial reaction to a woman dating a younger man surprisingly isn’t jealousy. The results were surprising, because most men who see women with younger men instinctively feel happy, or sorry for the woman rather than feel jealousy, as opposed to women who see men with younger women and initially feel instant jealousy. Men find it funny, and recognize that the younger man is there to satisfy her needs, but that it will not fill that void of being half the man they were. In the end, they essentially are half their age, with half the experience, which in essence gives the older man a boost of confidence. So, ladies if your aim was to date a younger man to make your ex jealous, think again because dating a younger man will just make you ex feel better about himself.