What is a Dating Reputation? 6 Tips to a Good Dating Reputation

If you are over 50, and just started dating again remember that the dating process is all part of your dating reputation. What is a dating reputation? A dating reputation is the impression you form on your date that is determined by how you conduct yourself not only during, but also after your partnership has come to an inevitable conclusion. Your dates opinion of you after a date becomes part of your dating reputation, and is important to your dating experience. Whether you are dating online, or meeting singles locally in person, word about who you are, and the type of person you are does spread, from one person to another. Therefore, you should always be mindful of every date you go on, and know that it can positively or negatively affect your dating reputation. So, how do you formulate a good dating reputation?

1. Treat every date like it is your last. You want to make a good impression on the person you are dating. That is why, it is important to approach each date like it will be your last. The way you act on your date, will formulate an impression in your dates mind. So, whether you are interested or not, always remember to be kind and respectful to your date.

2. End the date well. At the end of each date, thank your date for taking you out. Even if it does not lead to a second date, appreciate the date, by saying thank you.

3. Don’t talk about others on your date. Avoid talking about other people you have dated when you are on a date. Your date will immediately be turned off, and make a mental note that you may not be over your past partners.

4. Call your date. With technology, it’s so easy to simply send a message to your date, but if you call your date you show that you are invested. Be sure to talk on the phone before your date so you both have an idea where and what you will be doing.

5. Don’t be too late. Women like to be fashionable late sometimes, but on a first date, don’t be more than 15 minutes late. If you are late, your date will remember, and if you are running late, let your date know that you will be late.

6. Don’t be a cheapskate. According to AskMen.com, women will never forgive you for always making them pay. If you are taking a woman on a date you want to make sure that you put your best foot forward. For men, that means picking up the check on the date. You want the woman to remember you as a gentleman, and if you are a gentleman on the date, she will remember, and hold a positive memory of you. If you can’t afford a nice restaurant, come up with a romantic alternative like a picnic in the park. If going to the opera is too expensive, take  her to a community theater instead.

Your dating reputation can be tainted by the people you date. That is why it is important to keep these 6 tips in mind when you date. Always treat your date as if it were your last, call, don’t be late, and don’t be cheap. If you leave a positive memory in your date’s mind, your increase your chances of having a good dating reputation, if you leave a bad impression by acting disrespectfully you’re headed toward a bad dating reputation. Date smart, and keep your dating reputation clean by following the tips above.