How to Know When to Walk Away From a Relationship?

Knowing when to walk away from a relationship is crucial to avoiding wasting your time and effort in something that has no potential. Sometimes women avoid walking away from relationships because they are unsure and afraid of what lies beyond the relationship they are in, and end up staying in a bad relationship. However, there comes a point when every woman must stop and realize that it’s time to walk away.

Walking away from a relationship is not about standing your ground anymore; it’s about walking away and never turning back. When to know when you should walk away can be difficult, especially for men or women over forty, and mature daters, but we have listed for you some great indicators to help you decide when it’s time to walk away from a relationship:

1. Feeling secondary

When you start feeling that you are secondary in the relationship consistently, this is a perfect reason for you to start heading for the door. Your partner may start to prioritize other aspects of their life such as their work, but you should never come second. Small things like taking you out and other classic dating acts should always be done in a relationship.

2. Not being appreciated

You appreciate where he takes you, what he does for you, how he treats, and when he calls you, but then you start realizing he fails to recognize what you do for him. For instance, if you join your partner for dinner, and he takes you out, and he pays for dinner, a man should still appreciate you being there as a date and as his company. Verbally, your partner should tell you that they appreciate you being there, sharing dinner with them, and taking the time to eat with them. You should be complimented on your appearance and feel like you made their day by being there with them. If not, it’s time to start walking away.

3. Being put on the defensive

If you have to explain to your partner everything you are doing and they are putting you on the defensive all the time, then it’s a good time to walk away from your relationship. You should not have to defend yourself for every little thing you do for yourself.

4. Offensive comments

This is the final and most important factor for knowing when to walk away from a relationship. A partner that offends you more than once mistakenly you can let slide, but if they offend your family, it is not acceptable and they are not for you. Although you yourself may not get along with your own family, it is your family you should defend them. Someone who mocks your family is not the person for you. They may get angry at the way your mother or father treated them, but your partner should be mature enough to keep their comments to themselves if they know it will hurt you.

Knowing when to walk away from your relationship is difficult, but when you are beginning to feel uneasy, keep these tips in mind before you make a decision. Be sure that you are leaving a relationship for the right reasons. Be strong, be sure and to get everything out in the open with your partner beforehand. As mature daters, it’s important that you discuss why you are walking away. There are always more men and women out there for you to meet, and you have nothing to worry about!