Why Are Women Always Right in a Relationship?

Are women always right? After asking 30 couples who have been married for more than 20 years, the standard response from the husband seemed to be that they’ve been wrong for the past 20 years, and that their wife is always right. “I’m never right, and that’s why we are still married”, says one husband.

For a man, sometimes it takes patience and acceptance, but you’ll be happy and get what you want by just saying you’re right. Women tend to vocalize their thoughts more, and a man can avoid needless arguing by just letting their partner be right. So is the secret to a successful marriage to be wrong for men and women always right?

It’s not about the man being wrong, but rather admitting he is “wrong” even if he has a strong belief in his stance. So long as the woman wins the argument, regardless of who is actually right, she will feel like her points have been validated and you have accepted her answer. This may be difficult to do as a man, and a simple right and wrong conversation can quickly escalate into a full blown argument if one person doesn’t back down, and that will have to be the man. Just letting the woman be right may not be enough though. When she finds out that in fact she was wrong about something, never let her be reminded of your previous opinion.

Women love being right, even if they are wrong. However, just because the woman is right, doesn’t mean the man has to give up any say in a relationship. Trivial matters can be brushed aside with a simple “You’re right”, while more meaningful conversations in a relationship should not be ignored. When couples are having a serious conversation together, such as about family or the future, men have to present their opinions too instead of just letting the woman be right and ignoring the conversation all together.

As Harold from CT, who has been married for 35 years, says, “I’ve been wrong for 35 years and continue to be, but that’s why I love her, because even when she’s wrong she’s right.” Your partner or wife wants to know that she has someone who will support her even when no one else sides with her, and you to believe that she is right. There you have it, the secret to a long and happy marriage, and avoiding many pointless arguments begin and end with two words, “you’re right.”