Why Women Hate When Men Ask About Their Age

The older women get, the more sensitive women get about having a man ask about their age. Age is just a number, but that number goes up every year, and for single women over 50, that numerical increase of age, by one digit gets hard to swallow, and admit as the years pass.

Women can hesitate to say how old they are, admit their age, or even write it out on a dating profile. However, should women dwell on their age SO much? Should the question, ‘How old are you?’ deflect any possibility with that man? It’s insulting, it’s rude, it’s disrespectful, but is it a deal breaker?  Can we move past this accidental offense? Can women realize that age is age, and just a number?

From an early age, men are taught when speaking to women, never to ask about their age, and thus are left guessing how old she is. Without asking, men are left basing age on an online dating photo, or an in person meeting; this does get tough for a man. With modern technology, and the overuse of Botox and plastic surgery, men are left in the woods wondering ‘How old is she?’

So, how do men ask about their age, without actually asking how old she is?

1. Reaction

The best way to react when a man asks you how old you are is not to react. Simply, answer the question. If he responds in utter amazement, or with a sigh of disbelief, you know this man has no manners. However, if he simply doesn’t react, and continues along, there should be no shame in telling him. The truth is women may not be used to getting the question thrown at them, men do ask about their age eventually. The best way to handle it is to answer not react.

2. Question

Never answer the question, with another question. Yes, he asked you for your age, you may find it rude but just answer the question. A simple, ‘I’m 55 years old’ should suffice. Then proceed, shoot, and ask about their age as well. No, reason to ask, “Did I ask you how old you were?’ as this turns men off, and although they may not think it’s rude, they simply want to know. Answer the question with an answer not a question.

3. Don’t lie

Why should you lie about your age? Tell the truth about your age, and embrace your age no matter what it is. Know that you are beautiful inside and out.

4. Guessing

This is something men hate doing when they ask about their age. Jonathan 57 explains, “I hate when women play the guessing game, simply because I don’t know where to guess. If I guess too high I know I am in big trouble, but I was just being honest.” Ladies, men hate guessing, they don’t want to guess. They just want to know your age, and you will see you’re clear cut answer will ultimately lead to their genuine impression of how old they really thought you were, and that may make you feel great.

5. Be straight forward

Don’t beat around the bush, just answer the question. As stated above, the best way to handle this is to answer the question and move along with the conversation.

In sum, women don’t like it when men ask about their age, but when the question comes along, there is a way to react. Middle aged women should own their age. Be happy with how old they are, and answer the question confidently. Not only will it say a lot about you, it will remove your fear of your own age. Say how old your age, and avoid questioning or responding with anger, and simply answer truthfully with your age.